• Air filters 
  • Oil filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Cabin filters
  • Filters for automatic transmission

The filtering element, which is used in production of TM PROFIT air filters is made of a special filtering paper base, owing to this it is possible to make successful filtration of contaminations on a level of 99.9%, the coefficient of dust penetration is not more than 0.45%. Also TM PROFIT filters have low resistance to air flow, due to this it is possible to protect the car engine from oxygen starvation.

The bodies of the filters are made of thermo - and oil resistant materials, which are not deformed during all operation term of the air filter. 

Application of the advanced technologies and high qualitative filtering elements in production of TM PROFIT oil clarification filters makes it possible to produce ОЕ quality products. Reliable construction of anti-drain valve excludes "dry" engine start and also prevents oil drain from the filter oil channels after engine stop. Special construction of overflow valve contributes to safe operation of grease system during starts and low air temperatures. Filtration efficiency does not exceed 44,5 mсm. 

Bodies of TM PROFIT fuel clarification filters are made of anti-corrosion material. Construction of the body guarantees air tightness of the filter. Filtering paper used in production of fuel clarification filters makes it possible to reach high filtration efficiency. In the process of production each fuel filter is tested under pressure. Fuel clarification filters are completed with fitting elements. 

TM PROFIT cabin filters increase quality of microclimate in the vehicle, prevent creation of coating of soot and dust on the internal surface of the windshield. TM PROFIT filtering elements with additions of activated charcoal safely protect the air coming into the car cabin from exhaust gases, industrial emissions, dust and pollen.
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