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Propeller shaft bearings, flexible couplings TM PROFIT is made of steel with corrosion-resistant coating. Used in bearings and couplings rubber has high elastic properties over a wide temperature range, which reduces the vibrations. Work surfaces bearing cages are made and processed with high accuracy degree of accuracy that allows you to operate the products under high dynamic loads. 

Drive shafts, constant velocity joints TM PROFIT meet the highest standards of precision and quality thanks to high-precision turning and milling surfaces. Corps hinges are made of high-strength alloy medium carbon steel exposed chemico treatment. Has high hardness and toughness. Processing of tracks that are on the inner surface of the case is made with high precision, allowing the main pair of friction ball-path operating under heavy loads. Working surfaces of the separator have a high joint strength, and capable of transferring in the transverse and longitudinal axis of rotation and a high transverse load. Balls hinges have a high accuracy degree of accuracy (± 0,6 micrometre), which is under constant and dynamic shock loads can have a high service life. The drive shaft is made of high strength steel and is capable of withstanding the axial and transverse loads.

Repair kits hinges TM PROFIT come with mounting hardware and lubricant that allows you to quickly and efficiently install the product on the car. Protective case made of high quality rubber having high heat and cold resistance, and retains its elasticity in the temperature range from -60 ° C to +150 ° C. Case has an elongation at break of at least 400%. Due to its high resistance to tearing lifetime of protective covers is increased by 50% compared to conventional rubber grips. Each repair kit is equipped with a tube of lubricant having high anti-friction properties. Net weight of  90 grams.
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