• Mechanical-rubber products  
  • Suspension repair kits
  • Suspension arms
  • Anti-roll stay
  • Ball joints
TM PROFIT mechanical-rubber products are made of steel with inoxidizing coating and rubber inserts which have high torsion moment and slip torque, it contributes to restrain of considerable deformations in different levels and directions. 
Repair kits are completed with all necessary hardware (nuts, bolts, hollow disks) to be installed onto the car, it allows making quick and efficient replacement of the repair kit, without wasting efforts to additional fitting. 
TM PROFIT suspension arms and ball joints.
During production of TM PROFIT ball joints and suspension arms the most advanced materials and technologies are used. High accuracy of processing of the surfaces, application of wear resistant polymeric materials provide low friction coefficient in the joint and smooth movement of ball pin. Durability tests of ball pins on a special stand (1 million cycles) showed their noiseless operation without knocks, scratches, scuffing and appearance of inadmissible axial and radial clearances. 
Air tightness of the products is ensured due to application of the protective boots of high elasticity rubber, which does not lose it properties at high temperature spans (from -50°С to +50°С). The pin is made using the method of high qualitative press-working with further thermal processing. Surface of the ball is rolled over with the rollers, it allows due to removal of surface micro irregularities and creation of smoothed micro profile to remove concentration of stress and increasing operation period. 

The anti-friction insert is made of high-strength polyurethane filled with graphite and with high qualitative grease on lithium base, which has operation life period. 
One-piece forged body with processing of high precision quality allows increasing strength margin of the product. In production of suspension arms the same silentblocks are used as in the suspension repair kits. 
TM PROFIT anti-roll stay are made of high-strength steel or from plastic depending on construction features and 100% meet the requirements made to ОЕ products.
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