• Fuel pumps 
  • Fuel hoses

TM PROFIT fuel pumps meet the most strict requirements claimed to fuel systems of the vehicles. Before packing each pump is tested on a special stand during not less than 200 hours, after that it is filled with special compound protecting the pump elements from impact of the environment before installation into the car.
  • Turbine construction of the pump makes it possible to ensure constant pressure of the fuel in output.
  • Body of the pump is made of stainless steel, it prevents corrosion in the aggressive environment.
  • Terminals and slots are covered with anti-oxidation compound.
  • Automatic balancing of the rotor allow achieving low noise level during operation of the pump.
  • Bodies of fuel modules are made from special plastic, which is resistant to impacts of the aggressive environment.
Fuel petroleum- and oil resistant hoses of TM PROFIT are made by double strengthening with neoprene cord, it allows to withstand fuel pressure without deformation of the hose.
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