• Water pumps
  • Fan clutches
  • Engine cooling radiators

TM PROFIT water pumps are made on high precision automated equipment. Optimal geometric dimensions of all parts contribute to creation of necessary pressure in the cooling system, it contributes to long-term operation of all its joints and mechanisms. The vane made of qualitative cast iron with application of technology of high precision casting under high pressure, has high quality of precision of vane- bolster combination, it increases working efficiency of the pump. During production of water pumps the shaft with special ball-roller radial bearing of increased stability to axial and radial loads is used. 

Air-tight aluminum body has high resistance to corrosion aggressive environment. 

TM PROFIT fan clutches are made using the method of casting with further high precision mechanical processing of aluminum alloy. Thermal element of the fan clutch ensures timely response of the clutch, it allows to avoid overheating of the engine. 

TM PROFIT cooling radiators ensure necessary heat exchange of the cooling fluid with the environment and maintain optimal temperature. 

Construction of TM PROFIT cooling radiators ensures:
  • high level of heat emission
  • low hydraulic and aerodynamic resistance
  • high level of strength
  • resistance to impact of low and high temperatures
  • high corrosion resistance
Before packing each radiator is checked for air tightness.
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