• Pumps of power steering 
  • Tie-rod ends
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Steering rods

TM PROFIT pumps of power steering and tie-rod ends are made with observance of all technical norms what concerns accuracy  of production and application of the materials and are high technological products of  the highest quality. Application of the most recent developments  in the field of  hydromechanics and metal working made it possible to manufacture the product, which  is not inferior in its quality to ОЕ products of  the world known car producers.

In TM PROFIT range there are pumps of power steering and steering mechanisms for various marks of cars. You can find in the offer both power steering for VW GOLF, and pump of power steering for MERCEDES – BENZ SPRINTER.During production of TM PROFIT  tie-rod ends  and steering rods the advanced materials and technologies are applied. High accuracy of  processing of the surfaces, application of wear resistant polymers ensure low friction coefficient  in the joint and smooth movement of ball pin. Air-tightness of the products  in ensured due to application of  protective boots made from rubber of increased elasticity, which does not lose its properties  at considerable temperature fluctuations (from -50°С to +50°С).

The pin is made using the method of high qualitative  press-working with further thermal processing. Surface of the ball is  rolled over with the rollers, it allows due to liquidation of surface micro irregularities  to remove concentration of stress  and to increase operation period. In construction of the products  bearing disks are used made of high qualitative galvanized steel.  Retaining rings are used to fix the protecting boot, they are made of  yielding steel.
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