• Air conditioner condensers
  • Air conditioner compressors
  • Heat radiators

TM PROFIT air conditioner condensers are made with application of the last developments in the field of making the elements of air conditioning systems. Before packing each condenser is checked for air tightness. Production of air conditioner condensers is done automatically and meets all advanced requirements to equipping. 

TM PROFIT air conditioner compressors fully meet the requirements of car manufacturers, production is certified according to ISO 9001 / TS 16949, they are delivered pre-charged with the required amount of oil and are completely ready for installation on a car.

TM PROFIT heat radiators are made from high qualitative aluminum. Before packing each heat radiator is checked for air tightness. Construction of TM PROFIT heat radiator ensures:
  • high level of heat emission
  • high level of strength
  • high corrosion stability
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