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TM PROFIT V- cogged belts were specially developed to be installed into passenger cars and minibuses. Trapezoidal jags guarantee heat dissipation and uniform distribution of strains. High-resistant cord inside the rubber part ensures perfect stability lengthwise. Crossing layers of the cord supporting the tension cord improve lateral stability of the belt. Specially chosen rubber mixture grants the belt oil-thermo- and wear resistance. 

TM PROFIT Poly V-belts manufactured on high technological equipment are intended to be operated in engine drives of passenger and truck vehicles. Low profile and lateral V-type ribs guarantee perfect flexibility, reduce internal heating and improve stability of the belt. The force element of the belt is thermo resistant saturated polyester cord, which improves load capability at high tension and decreases stretching. Relative lengthening of the belts in operation conditions does not exceed 1,5%. The rubber compound strengthened with fiber grants the belt oil-thermo- and wear resistance. The belts are able to be operated in the regions with moderate and tropic climate with ambient temperature from –З0°С to + 60°С. 

TM PROFIT timing belts were developed to be operated in wide range of engine rotations with stability maintained necessary during gas distribution mechanism operation. A resistant glass cord in embedded into the belt, which makes the belt resistant to longitudinal stretching. Resistant material of the basis strengthens the belt and protects it from wearing and oil impact. Precise form of the jags ensures perfect coupling with grooves of the pulley wheel and decreases noise level. Owing to nylon coating, made by special technology, the jags are safely protected from oil and dirt, it increases their operation period. Besides it makes the belt more elastic and flexible. Rigid outer later prevents from wearing caused by friction. 

TM PROFIT tensioners are made of high alloyed steel and high-polymer polyurethane resin, they possess high quality of precise processing. Application of lubricant grease, which demonstrates high anti-friction and anti-corrosion properties, increases durability period of the product.

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